воскресенье, 2 марта 2014 г.

Orange love.

Today I want to write English :) I'm not very sure about it, but it doesn't matter. Hope (oh yes, Hope hopes), you will understand all what you need :) So, today we will see how I do this,
I made some pictures from different points of view. By the way, I really like the comments and associations on the site InTatters. You compare it with ladies who look from behind their fans and even with lionfish. It's so nice!


... and in the sunlight.


 ... and the order of beads. You can find the explanations for this long picot earlier in my blog. Than a chain. And here is the result.
Than we continue to work if we want more. Hummm... I tried several times and I can't explain it how to join the chains, I lost all the words, just look at the picture where to do it. To the next "fan" firstly you make a picot with beads, than you start a chain 3-3-3, join to the pre-previous fan + 3 more double stitches, join to the first "bugle bead", than a chain 2-2 , join to the bugle bead and so on and finally you join to the previous "fan".
 Someone asked me about the length of this picot. I had an expirement. Look at the blue point.

And some other ideas.

 Hope it was useful for you and happy tatting! Your Hope (Hope - it's my name in Russian).
P.S. Is it necessary to desribe in details how to do a "fan"? 

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  1. I just love it! I wish I could give it an I like on my Facebook page, but I am affraid that your beautiful pattern will be copyed...

  2. The fan motif is beautiful with all the beads! It doesn't look simple to me. Would be awesome if you will show the steps to achieving the final motif! :)

  3. Wonderful work! Very inspirational. I still don't understand how you make it but it looks great.

  4. I made some videos two years ago and published it in our russian resource, so, it's seen by many people many times. Thanks a lot for your comments, i'll try to download it on YouTube and share the link. :)