суббота, 2 июня 2018 г.

Before the summer.

It's me again!
I'm just preparing for my summer trip and thinking about hand-made projects. For this moment I have some progresses in cross stiching and tatting.
Here's my Dorian aka Clear Quartz by Linda Ravenscroft.
My precioussssss

I tatted a bit. Here's Renulek's "Wiosna 2018".
We have also a Round Robin in Russia. We are ready to finish our doily. I made some photos of it, I hope, they will inspire you:

This doily isn't really easy to tat, but it's worth. So, let's wait its finish)))
I have big ispiration to create a tatting doily pattern, I have already many ideas, but I will work with it a little bit later, during the summer trip.
Dear summer, where are you? This year Russia has no summer, here, in Siberia we have snow at the moment. It's not a big surprise, but... why? We need summer too!
However, I wish you many inspiring moments!

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