среда, 28 мая 2014 г.

My friend likes pineapples.

I finished finally Renulek's Doily. It was about 20 days ago. Here it is :)
 When I finished it, I didn't know what to tat and just tatted some ideas from my head. And inspiration came! While tatting these pinapples I had an idea. When I just started to study tatting in the end of 2010, one my dear friend supported my hobby and made for me my first shuttles. Aaaaand... he likes pineapples very much! Isn't it a nice coincidence? I decided to devote this doily to him. Dimitry, it's for you!
 As you know, I'm not very keen on photography... Unfortunately... (And in English too, but I'm trying!) I made many pictures... And the first on (upper) is more real than the second one which was made with sunlight. :(
 And here is the pattern. I hope, you will enjoy it :)
I made it in Russian for my russian tat-colleagues, but I'll translate it for you :)
As you can see, it's made of six triangles and one central part.
the red arrow - joining with the central motif
the red crosses - joining with other triangles.
the green rings with arrows - the beginnings of the rounds and the direction of tatting
the black-blue line - this part is tatted individually in every coin
author - Nadia Kukochkina, may 2014.
 Here are some recommendations.
1) How to join the central part with the triangles? - look at the photo. First of all, it tatted the triangles, then - the central part, for me, it's more convenient.
2) It's not obligatory to tat everywhere split rings and split chains, but it's more comfortable. I added it to make going to the next round easier. Don't be afraid of split rings and split chains. It's a good chance to practice it!
3) I advice you to begin the center with a chain and not with a ring - it will be easier to go to the next round and to tat a chain instead of ring too :)
4) The width of long picots is almost equal the width of a chain of 16 double stiches in the straight position.
I hope, you like this pattern... as well as my friend likes pineapples! :)
Hope :)


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  1. Your pattern and your tatting- fantastic! Brava!

  2. Simply Gorgeous !!!
    Your friend will be so very glad to get this special, thoughtful gift :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern as well .

  3. I'm so impressed by your work! Lovely Renulek Spring Doily, and a beautiful and unique doily for your pineapple-loving friend! Thanks for sharing the pattern, too. :-)

  4. Your Spring doily is wonderful!!! :)
    And I love your pineapple doily!!! The design is so unique and wonderful!!! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful doily pattern.
    I introduce it to my Korean tatting friends:

  6. My friend 가루[garu] tatted your pineapple doily!
    See it here: http://2sunb.blog.me/220072539279

  7. I love your pattern and work thank you so much for sharing it with us you are very talented!